Why «Meaningful Conversations»?

Everyone who has ever worked in complex projects, tried to setup a company or implement a new idea, knows this situation: Everyday life is stressful, days are long, time is a scarce resource.

What happens in these situations is that the most important element of successful and excellent collaboration is not happening nearly enough: The Meaningful conversation. When humans interact, especially in complex environments, they need to align their ideas, their thinking,  their values to stay on the same page.

Yet in stressful environments, conversations are often the things that are done less, not more, mostly because everyone says «I want to get the work done, not talk about it». This creates misunderstandings, then mistrust, and – if not corrected early – serious conflicts. This is why we strongly believe that at the heart of excellent collaboration there must be regular and meaningful conversations.

At Excellent Collaboration Society, we are collecting methods, tools and knowledge that help teams collaborate with an emphasis on meaningful conversations. Everything that helps teams interact better and creates situations for valuable engagement and exchange are the ones we put at center stage.

What IS a meaningful conversation? 

Why are «Meaningful Conversations» crucial for excellent collaboration?

1. Because in complex environments, we need to align knowledge, information and values to create solutions that work

2. Because the world around us changes quickly and we need to make sure we are on the same page to work together in a constructive and stress-free environment.

3. Because our diversity contributes to better solutions, and we need to understand the qualities, skills and knowledge of each other in depth to be able to create amazing product, services or solutions.

4. Because we need to regularly not just talk about what we do, but also about why and how we do it. This can only be done by actually talking to each often.

5. Because trust in each other is built through talking, listening, understanding.

Where can I learn more about Meaningful Conversations?

First of all, you can learn about meaningful conversations by starting practicing them. Take time in your everyday environment to really talk with the people you work with and to truly listen to them. Use meetings to really aling understanding for running project, find ways to minimize written communication where it is not helpful. 

On this blog, every piece of information is designed to show you how you can use collaboration tools to improve your meaningful conversations, so come back often. We are alson interested in your contributions and comments!