The team

ECS was founded by Nadja and Laurent. We have collaborated in countless different settings and learned a lot while setting up projects, founding companies and discussing our insights, often late at night after an eventful day during which something went amazingly well or horribly wrong.


Nadja is an innovation, implementation and collaboration expert. She co-founded BrainStore with her partner in 1997 and helped over 1’000 companies, organisations and individuals on five continents to develop and implement great ideas. In 2012, she founded Word and Deed where she focuses on supporting teams and groups in having meaningful conversations and reaching robust decisions.
She is also a co-founder of Republik and Project R, which have the purpose of building a new model for independent journalism in Switzerland and where Nadja helped shape the early team and its collaboration and co-creation processes between 2015 and 2018.

is a photographer and entrepreneur. He wants to understand how the world works since he can remember and has founded several companies. As photographer he works for publications such as Monocle, Wall Street Journal or GQ. His current ventures Herr Rizzi and Coffaina are reshaping the soft drink world in Switzerland and Berlin. He also is a founder of Republik and Project R where he was responsible for the business model and the purpose structure of the company.