We cannot solve the challenges of today with the thinking of yesterday.

Excellent Collaboration Society is a new project in the making, founded as a Swiss Association on January 19th, 2019.

We are a non-profit with the purpose of discovering, collecting and curating the knowledge and practice of excellent collaboration and making it accessible to all who want to collaborate well with others.

In many organisations, we are still solving problems with the knowledge, tools and skills of the last century. The many challenges we face as humans on our planet can only be solved collaboratively, and we have to do it while navigating change and uncertainty together.

We need to pool our resources, our wisdom, our insights, our approaches and share them with each other, whether they are brand new or as old as humanity. Very different approaches can be valuable depending on the context.

 We believe that an incredible wealth of knowledge and passion is available from people in diverse settings who have found ways to solve problems together and to stay curious, human and responsive in the process.

 At the center of our investigative journey we have placed the crucial topic of «Meaningful Conversations». We believe that no tool or approach for good collaboration can exist without reflecting how it addresses better understanding, problem solving and decision-making among humans.