The Personal Purpose of a student of Bloom Montessori School in Sarajevo, Bosnia

What is Personal Purpose?

Personal Purpose is a compass for individuals for their lives. When Individuals can answer the «Why» in their lives, define what they are really caring about, what they want to be putting their energy to and where they want to grow, interaction with others becomes not only easier but also more rewarding.
People who know who they are, what they are interested in, and why they are spending time collaborating with others are better at navigating uncertainty, at negotiating trade-offs, and at interacting with others.
People who have Personal Purpose take better decisions for themselves but can also understand the purposes and goals of others better, including the purposes and mission of the teams they are working in.

What is its contribution to Meaningful Conversations?

Experiencing a Personal Purpose Session for yourself is an exercise in having a deep and meaningful conversation about yourself. You are reflecting about what is really important to you and you are voicing it loud in front of a team of two people: The Coach and the Listener.
People who have experienced this kind of conversation become better listeners and better at having conversations with others. And because it is possible for people who have defined their purpose with in a session to become Purpose Coaches themselves, they can bring this conversation style to others people, developing their Personal Purpose.

 Why is Personal Purpose a Key Feature for Excellent Collaboration?

1. Because people who know their individual purpose can interact better with others
2. Because people who know their individual purpose have an easier time developing a team or organisational purpose, both of which are essential for excellent collaboration
3. People who experience a Personal Purpose session themselves also experience the teamwork of the two people who are facilitating the process, and they become part of that team for the session, learning important skills such as having a meaningful conversation, asking open questions, voicing disagreements in a constructive and non-threatening way, accurately summarising the ideas and wishes of others, focusing on a common goal, putting ego aside ans much more.

Where can I learn more about Personal Purpose?

Personal Purpose is in a prototype phase and we are experimenting with different ways to enable individuals to find and pursue their purpose. Read our in-depth story below to learn more about our prototyping session with teenagers and teachers in Sarajevo, Bosnia.


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In-Depth story

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